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Custom Printed Balloons

Printed balloons add a personalized touch to any occasion or event. Balloon Ideas features the best helium quality printed balloons from manufacturers in UAE. The printed balloons that we carry are known for their quality, consistency, reliability and elegance -- available in several sizes and various printing options.

  • Superior quality for any sized order
  • Personalize your balloons with photos!
  • An elegant addition to any special event
  • Select from a wide variety of colors

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Giant Advertising

If you feel the need to draw attention to yourself...do it with our Giant Advertising Balloons. There are LOTS of examples of Giant Advertising Balloons and ideas on how they can be used. If you've ever thought of using a billboard for business, these Giant Advertising Balloons are definitely for you. Not only do they offer a huge visual impact, but they steer customers directly to your business.

  • If you are looking for heart balloons or heart inflatables our advertising balloons company have them.

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Balloon Arches

Balloon arches bring life to any event. Colorful, eye-catching and fun! They offer a captivating appeal that draw people in. Used to draw attention to points of interest or fill expansive ceilings, arches can be constructed to any size for indoor and outdoor use.

  • A festive way to make your celebration an impressive one is to add Balloon Arches.
  • Balloon arches over a dance floor or entrance way.
  • Balloon arches are a sure-fire way to create a grand entrance.

Balloon Accessories

Promotional balloons are very rarely used without accessories for inflation, handing out or display. The first decision to make is whether the balloons are to be filled with air or with helium gas (so the balloons float).

  • Helium Gas - we'll take care of everything!
  • Disposable Cylinders
  • Balloon Hangers
  • Ribbon Coils
  • Balloon Nets

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Balloon Wedding Specialist

By now you've probably set your date and chosen your venue. But you want your day to be that extra bit special in a way that reflects your own style and personality. You've come to the right place.

  • Experienced professionals who can build them for you
  • With years experience of decorating Weddings and Events we specialise in creating stunning and unique decorations to transform your venue and help create the wedding of your dreams.

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Balloon Sculptures

Balloons have been a source of fun and enjoyment for many centuries, and in recent times they've also become a medium for creativity. Many people enjoy making balloon decorations for parties and special events and young children – and sometimes older children and even adults - enjoy playing games with balloons.

  • Wedding receptions
  • Auto dealerships
  • Birthday parties
  • Graduations

Sky Dancers

Skydancers are a dynamic promotional tool with a proven track record for attracting crowds. Easy to use and fun to watch, the unique dancing motion of Skydancers creates excitement and attracts attention to your business, special occasion, sale or expo to greatly increase sales.

  • The Skydancers are a real eye catcher, I'll be making them a permanent part of my advertising artillery
  • The Skydancers have been absolutely fantastic! The kids loved them and so did the staff!
  • Skydancers are great! Very effective. The kids especially love them!

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Clown Balloons are here! We have a large selection of clown balloons from Happy Birthday Clown Balloons to big Clown shaped balloons that are exciting for kids! We have many clown balloons to choose from so enjoy finding the one that is just right for your clown party!

  • From balloon animals to room size decor! Our creations are a delight for all audiences.
  • Amazing and fun-filled shows tailored to fit your audience.
  • Over years of experience entertaining young children - we educate, entertain and have fun.

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Party Decorations

Have a particular theme in mind, or are you looking for exciting, classic decor that sets the tone for sensational affair? From large-scale galas to small intimate events, balloons from Bunch of Balloons are the perfect addition to make your event one to remember. Balloons can create the ideal atmosphere when celebrating a wedding, party or special event.

  • Party Decorations For Any Occasion
  • Create the ultimate party scene with balloons
  • Birthday Party
  • Decorate your venue with balloons to help guests easily find your party.